Superior Jeweler's Workbench

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The Superior Bench is fully loaded with features, including a pull out work area, catch draw with stainless steel tray, pull out soldering board, bench peg mounting point, arm rests and plenty of storage. Made from quality hardwood and pre built (excluding legs) – The Ultimate ‘Superior’ Jewellers Bench!

  • Large Size Durable Hardwood Worktop with a retaining surround
  • Pull-out Arm Rests
  • Holes for Mandrels
  • Bench Peg Mount (bracket and peg sold separately)
  • Pull our Soldering Board
  • Pull-out Additional Work Area
  • 1 Large Pull-out Tray Draw with Galvanised Tray
  • 7 Storage Drawers
  • Foot Rest
  • Arrives pre-built (excluding legs)
  • Made from Quality Hardwood*

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