PrecisionFit™ Steel Marked Ring Mandrel (USA Sizes 1 – 16)

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The PrecisionFit™ system is used by individual jewellers through to large, multiple chains. The PrecisionFit™ Steel Marked Ring Mandrel is hardened to 64RC to ensure a solid base for your work, weighing in at 2.2 pounds (1KG).  The PrecisionFit™ system ensures your 1-16 ring sizing is right every time – no more cross-referencing with inaccurate ring sizers and mandrels.  PrecisionFit™ mandrels and ring gauges are made to International Standard ISO 8653.  Machined, hardened, ground & engraved to a perfect finish at our UK factory, to ensure 100% accuracy. Each mandrel is put through our rigorous PrecisionFit™ Quality Control System to ensure accurate 1-16 sizing. All PrecisionFit™ mandrels are created with ergonomically designed handles to provide a firm and comfortable grip. Manufactured from steel with a length of 360mm. Don’t settle for less than PrecisionFit™.

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