Legor Thick Gold Plating Solution

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GT4A2N is a mildly acidic gold plating electrolyte that deposits a color which precisely corresponds to the normalized NIHS standard 2N-18 gold. 2N-18 can be described as a pale yellow color in 18 kt. The additional metals which are co-deposited with the gold as an alloy allow for an achievable thickness of 3 micron in a deposit which remains 99.7% gold by weight. The wider range of obtainable thicknesses combined with the ability to solder the plating deposit, allow for this electrolyte to be used in both technical and decorative applications.

Product form

  • Metal concentration: 2 or 4 g/l (Au)
  • Form: Liquid
  • Material color: Green
  • Storage time: 2 years
  • Volume: 1 liter

Deposit data

  • Hardness (HV 0,01): 155-220
  • Density (g/cm3): 17
  • Thickness (um): 0,5
  • Appearance: Shiny
  • Color 2N Gold: Yellow

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