K.1090 Dual Handpiece Micromotor Kit, Hammer plus Rotary with 2.35mm (3/32″) or 1/8″ Collet

Sale price$1,100.00


K.1090 – Rotary Handpiece with 2.35mm (3/32″) collet AND Hammer Handpiece

K.109018 Rotary Handpiece with 1/8″ collet AND Hammer Handpiece

The ultimate micromotor kit for most every job. Includes both rotary and hammer handpieces.

Kit K.1090 includes:

1. Complete contents of K.1070 rotary kit starting with the HP4-917 Control. Has voltage selector switch for operating in either 110/120 or 220/240 volt. This is the same control unit that comes in Micromotor Kits K.1020, K.1070 and K.1080.

2. H.MH-170 Rotary Handpiece with 2.35mm (3/32″) collet or H.MH17018 with 1/8″ collet installed.

3. H.MH-110 Reciprocating Handpiece with up to 2,500 SPM’s

4. HP4-960 Variable Speed Foot Control

5. HP4-933 Handpiece Cradle

6. All accessories that come with H.MH-011 including Graver Holder

7. Spare motor brushes, spare fuse, collet changing wrenches

Two Year Limited Warranty.





1. Overview of Foredom’s Micromotor Kits with Motor Brushes – the K.1070 High Speed Rotary, K.1020 Chuck Style-High Torque, K.1080 Hammer and K.1090 Rotary and Hammer Micromotor Kits.

2. Changing Fuse in Control Box:


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