Accuracy Assured

YEHUDA detectors have been independently verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the ASSURE Testing Program to be 100% ACCURATE at detecting ALL lab grown diamonds.

Easy to use

Works with your own mobile phone! The enhanced user interface is simple to use—just one click to see test results in seconds with no calibration or need to change platforms.

helpful tools

Store your results on the cloud

Add pictures, certificates SKU, names, etc.,

Friendly back office where you can retrieve your test results, move them, & send them.

See it in Action!

3 sizes to choose

Dr Watson
The most affordable tester on the market with 100% detection rate.

Check 8 rings or approximately 50 CT loose diamonds.

Great for smaller jewelers and pawn shops.
Sherlock holmes 4.0
Increased Capacity for larger chains & rotating ring holders.

27 Rings or 250CT loose diamonds.

Perfect for established jewelers and larger pawn shops.
The New Standard
Big Sherlock
One of the Largest Detectors on the market capable of checking over 100 rings and over 1000CT loose diamonds.

Despite its large ability the Big Sherlock is still easily portable for trade shows and international buying.

Built for professional buyers, the increased ability of the Big Sherlock will save you time & money.
The Biggest & The Best!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Detector works with any smartphone and has a $10 a month subscription fee. Subscription fee includes storage for 1,000 results.

You can add and delete users so your employees can perform a test with their own phone.

The $10 charge is per account. You may have a few detectors but they all come under one account.

Yes! Every machine comes with a 1-year full warranty.

You can find the results of the Sherlock Holmes 2.0 (previous model) here: