GemOro Superior Brilliant Spa Black Diamond Gray Steamer

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The GemOro® BrilliantSpa® Black Diamond steam cleaner produces a robust 50psi jet of pressurized steam using tap water, quickly blasting away dirt, grime, oil and more to professionally clean your jewelry. The machine offers an unrestricted cleaning zone and reaches easily into the smallest crevices and other design structures to clean thoroughly. The on/off switch is conveniently located; an advanced LED indicator light shows when the system is warming up and when it is ready to use. A bright blue LED illuminates jewelry being cleaned, helping ensure complete cleaning. Inset, easy-lift handles make moving the Black Diamond simple and easy. The cabinet is made of long-lasting ABS plastic that easily handles the heat and pressure generated by this cleaner; stainless steel accent panels give the unit a high-end, professional look.

Includes a two-year limited replacement warranty.

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