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Casio CTL920 in our DIY Kit with tools

The power cell in the above Casio CTL920 package is the Panasonic CTL-920F (aka X14547) in our DIY Kit with tools

Used in many Casio and some Citizen timepieces

The Panasonic CTL920 is a button-type Cobalt Titanium Lithium (CTL) battery that uses lithium titanium oxide as the positive material, carbon as the negative material, and organic electrolyte. Sometimes Panasonic will insert a "A" or "F" i.e. "CTL920F" for their internal use and is the exactly same as CTL920.


Weight: 0.0625 lbs.

Voltage: 2.3v

Capacity: 5.5mAh

Chemistry: Cobalt Titanium Lithium (CTL)

Mfg #CTL920

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