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Renata lithium batteries are used for different applications in an increasing variety of portable devices as well as the computer and automotive industries, telecommunications and medical industry. Renata lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and offer excellent reliability. Manufacturing high quality batteries with high capacity retention on storage, Renata continues to provide reliable power sources for many hand held devices.

CR1216 lithium coin cell batteries provide excellent performance and their extensive shelf-life makes them ideal for use in a variety of devices. The CR1216 battery is commonly used in: Watches, Computer Motherboards, Calculators, and other small electronics.


  • Nominal voltage of 3V, approx. twice the voltage level of alkaline button cells Low self-discharge of less than 1% per year at 23°C
  • Best practical capacity/volume ratio Superior leakage resistance
  •  Excellent storage characteristics, up to 10 years storage with minimum deterioration
  • Safe products: all Renata and MFR coin cells are UL-recognized products (File No. MH14002) Environmental-friendly, do not contain toxic substances
  • Available in a wide range of solder contact configurations or in combination with our battery holders
  • Equivalent Batteries: Energizer CR1216, CR/BR1216, Varta CR1216, Rayovac CR1216, I.E.C CR1216


  • Battery size: CR1216
  • Part No: 100551
  • Chemistry: Li / MnO2
  • Capacity: 30 mAh
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Operating temperature: -30 - +70°C
  • Diameter: 12.50 mm
  • Height: 1.60 mm
  • Weight: 0.7g
  • Battery Terminal Type: Button Top

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