Best Built BB-S7 Engraving Machine

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BB-S7 is a major jewelry marking device that is available and applied widely in the global jewelry/accessory markets. The third-generation multipurpose desktop marking machine comes with revolutionary changes in its functionality, structural stability, performance, and design. The machine is designed to deal with all complex aspects peculiar to jewelry marking in terms of different forms, materials, and sizes, so anyone can enjoy easy and quick marking on a variety of jewelry products such as rings, pendants, and bangles.
Key Points:
  • Makes it possible to mark on various jewelry products such as inner/outer diameter of rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, etc.
  • Mark gold, silver, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum various kinds of plastics, wood, etc.
  • All-in-one engraver for both flat and rotary engraving.
  • High quality marking on specular surfaces using a dedicated diamond tool.
  • Intuitive and simple control of engraving position based on the embedded camera and laser.
  • Automatically measures the height of the material.
  • Cost efficient maintenance with low supplies cost.
  • Small sized and easy and simple for anyone to use.
  • Comes with Magic Engrave™ software that supports easy and quick marking.


  • Marking on pendants
  • Pet tag marking
  • Metal marking
  • Marking on tumbler/mug/wine glass
  • Marking on inner/outer diameter of rings
  • Marking on inner/outer diameter of bangles
  • Glass marking
  • Pen marking
  • Industrial marking
  • Marking on curved surfaces such as bangles
  • Other diverse metal/plastic /glass marking

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