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ALKALINE POWER 9Volt batteries from Panasonic can be used in a wide range of devices, especially in medium and low drain appliances which demands reliable and long-lasting power, such as toys, walkie-talkies and smoke detectors.

The ALKALINE POWER 9Volt batteries are available in 1-packs.

The pinnacle of alkaline battery technology

  • Safely battery storing for up to 5 years
    Use the Panasonic ALKALINE POWER 9Volt batteries to retain high power performance, even after long storage. High-quality materials work to avert degradation and the Anti-Leak Protection reduces the chance of leakage to assure a stable and long life before using the batteries.

  • Anti-leak protection with unique gas-suppression technology
    The ALKALINE POWER 9Volt batteries from Panasonic feature an Anti-Leak-Protection that suppresses gas build-up when batteries are over-discharged or when they are stored for long periods. If there is less pressure, there is less chance of structural rupture and failure. This also protects valuable devices from damage.

  • Smooth energy flows thanks to a triple tough coating
    In regular batteries it is possible the nickel layer partially peels off and the battery fails when there is contact resistance on the terminals. Due to the Triple Tough Coating this can be solved: an iron/nickel-plated which alloys on the positive and negative battery poles of the ALKALINE POWER 9Volt batteries. The result? An enhanced longer life and energy flow.
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