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Power for everyday devices that we take for granted, from garage door openers and car alarms to Bluetooth headsets and calculators. With Energizer 387S watch battery (Silver Oxide, 1.55V, Low Drain), your device will remain powered for a long time. Silver Oxide cells offer a more stable discharge pattern than alkaline, which is essential for longer life and performance in precision instruments such as watches.

Designed for use in continuous, low-drain applications such as photography equipment, pagers, and calculators, Energizer s 387S button cell battery offers endurance and reliability. The 1.55-volt, silver-oxide battery is rated for approximately 600 hours use, and its average capacity is 60 mAh to 1.3 volts. The battery measures 11.6 mm in diameter (.457 inches) and stands 3.6 mm (.42 inches) thick. This battery replaces the Rayovac model RW51.


  • Voltage: 1.55 Volts
  • Capacity: 60 mAh
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • 1 Year Warranty

Energizer 387S Battery equivalent: PX400, EPX400, RM400, H-B, V400PX, E400N, PM400R, KX400, T400N, 387 Mercury, E400, RM400R

Energizer 387S Battery is compatible with: watches, photography devices, calculators, others

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