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Power for everyday devices that we take for granted, from garage door openers and car alarms to Bluetooth headsets and calculators. With Energizer 365 watch battery (Silver Oxide, 1.55V, Low Drain), your device will remain powered for a long time. Silver Oxide cells offer a more stable discharge pattern than alkaline, which is essential for longer life and performance in precision instruments such as watches. 

Specifically designed to be used in a wide range of wrist watches, the Energizer 365/366 SR1116W watch battery is simply second-to-none in terms of power and performance.

Due to its innovative silver oxide composition, this battery is effortlessly able to deliver a much higher voltage than standard mercury alternatives. This enables it to keep your watch ticking with ease with an impressive history of quality behind it. Better still, this battery boasts an incredibly long shelf life so, if you don't need to use it right away, you can store it away safe in the knowledge you won't lose any original charge value.


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