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Power for everyday devices that we take for granted, from garage door openers and car alarms to Bluetooth headsets and calculators. With Energizer 362-361 watch battery (Silver Oxide, 1.55V, Low Drain), your device will remain powered for a long time. Silver Oxide cells offer a more stable discharge pattern than alkaline, which is essential for longer life and performance in precision instruments such as watches.

As a silver oxide button battery, the Energizer 362/361 is a compact and powerful cell that combines the favourable characteristics of a silver oxide chemistry with the reliability of Energizer. Silver oxide cells tend to have a more reliable performance than alkaline button batteries since silver oxide's have a stable output voltage and low self-discharge making them ideal for continuous use devices. Ideal applications for an Energizer 362/361 include use in watches, calculators, digital thermometers, heart-rate monitors, small electronic toys, glucometers, and keyless entry systems for homes and cars.

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