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Renata has developed its 0% mercury battery line in close cooperation with the Swiss Watch Industry. The new batteries were tested by various independent laboratories and approved by several important OEM customers. Most of the major luxurious Swiss Watch Brands rely on Renata. Created with zero mercury and zero lead added, this Renata 317 watch battery has been designed to be more environmentally friendly than conventional watch batteries. For maximum power and sustainability, go green with the Renata 317 battery.

   - An optimised volume/capacity ratio

   - Dimensional precision and stability

   - High capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge)

   - Excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high quality level

   - State of the art leak proofness thanks to a new sophisticated sealing process

   - Constant availability

Renata 317 Battery equivalent: 317, 616, 9939, AWI S52, CA, Citizen 280-58, D317, GP317, S52, SP317, SR516, SR516SW, SR62, Seiko SB-AR, V317, V566

Renata 317 Battery Works in: Watches, computer, keyless entry, consumer electronics and hearing aid, industries, and other electronic devices. 


Brand: Renata
Model: 317
Renata 317 Battery Height: 5.8mm
Renata 317 Battery Volume: 1.55V
Renata 317 Battery Capacity: 105mah

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