hps1source SKU: BATT-MX-301


hps1source SKU: BATT-MX-301
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The Maxell 301 coin cell battery has 1.55V, a discharge current of 100mA, and a capacity of 110mAh. This coin cell has a flat discharge rate, so, it provides maximum voltage until the battery is drained and discharged. There is a high-energy density feature on here, which makes the battery able to pack in twice the energy of a comparable alkaline coin cell. This coin cell is best suited for low-drain devices like analogue watches. This battery is prevented from leaking through Maxell's leak-resistant processing technology.

This is why silver oxide batteries are always used in watches, insulin pumps and sniper scopes or mission critical situations. Never use alkaline batteries (they are not a wise choice for timepieces) for any device requiring a steady constant voltage. A watch with declining voltage will not be dependable.


Diameter : 11.6 mm / 0.457 in
Height : 4.2 mm / 0.165 in
Nominal Voltage : 1.55 V
Shelf Life : 5 years @ 25deg C
Nominal Capacity (mAh) : 110 mAh
Discharge Current (µA) : 100 µA
Weight (g) : 1.7 g

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