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Acid based solution used with platinized titanium anode. It produces a shiny white color. Ready to use, they come with one pint bottles containing 1 or 2 grams of Rhodium. It will plate directly on gold, platinum, or nickel. For silver or copper alloys, it is necessary to pre-plate with nickel first, followed by rhodium.

Many jewellers have discovered that the 2 gram/pint formulation gives a significantly better finish then the standard 1 gram solution. The rhodium content of this bottle is double (2 gram) the standard formula. The solution contains half the volume of liquid additives which makes it more concentrated.

Amount 1 Pint (1 Gram Rhodium) or 1 Pint (2 Gram Rhodium)
Rhodium Temperature 85-110?u
Ship Method Can only be shipped by ground
Metal Rhodium

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