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 Saw Blades for Jewelry Making 144pcs

Pike Brand Jewelers Saw Blades #5 Swiss made, this is one of the more popular sizes used in Jewelry making. Blades are used by Goldsmith, Silversmiths by Metal Smiths and in Hobby -Crafts in cutting intricate pieces in Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Bronze and other soft metals as well as plastics and plaster.

Jewelers Piercing Blades can be used for cutting all metals and other hard materials. Swiss Quality Blades are manufactured to strict tolerances, using special alloy steel, along with specific angle, uniform size and cut of each tooth. Blades are round back which enables cutting of curves and shapes easier.


  • Length of Blades: 5.117" / 5-15/128" / 130mm
  • Saw Blades are bundled by the Dozen
  • Blades Size: # 5
  • Thickness:   .0158" / .42mm
  • Width:   .0331" / .84mm
  • Teeth per Inch:   35.5
  • Drill Size for Piercing: #65

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