Speed Wire (30-Gauge)

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SPEEDWIRE is a disposable laser welding wire dispenser developed by Glenn Manning, president of Manning Jewelry, a retail jewelry store founded in 1949. Each unit comes pre loaded with five or ten feet of welding wire available in a variety of metals in sizes from 28 gauge to 36 gauge depending on the metal type. The wire is housed in a sealed, see through compartment in the rear of the device. The wire is fed through a stainless steel guide tube on the front of the device by a finger tip controlled roller.

SPEEDWIRE saves time and improves accuracy when laser welding. The wire is supported by the stainless steel tube as close as 2mm from the weld. This allows the laser operator to easily control the position of the wire. Because the wire is fed out by fingertip control, it is not necessary for the laser operator to move their hands or the work piece. This saves time used in repositioning and refocusing.

SPEEDWIRE is color coded for metal type and clearly labeled with wire gauge and metal quality. The annealed coil of wire is kept clean and tangle free. The remaining wire can easily be monitored preventing unexpected wire shortage. An available eight position stand keeps the SPEEDWIRE dispensers neatly organized.

"I am confident you will find that SPEEDWIRE will increase your production and quality of work when laser welding. In a world where time is money, and quality work is a precious commodity, SPEEDWIRE is a must for the laser operator who has already recognized the benefits of the laser."

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