Durston Microscope

Durston Microscope
Durston Microscope
Durston Microscope

Durston Microscope

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Durston Microscope for Jewellers, Watchmakers, Setters, and Engravers with Durston Extending Stand that gives much needed flexibility and extension to any job.

  • High-resolution binocular optics.
  • Plan Corrected Lens for Crisp and Flat Images.
  • Multi-coating technology.
  • 45x zoom magnification range.
  • Additional .5 lens.
  • Intensity Adjustable LED Light Ring.
  • Fully adjustable Flexible Articulating Arm.
  • Adjustable Head Rest
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Expanded Description

The Durston Microscope, designed to bring unparalleled precision and clarity to the work of Jewellers, Watchmakers, Setters and Engravers. This advanced optical tool offers a range of features that elevate your craftsmanship and make intricate tasks more manageable.

Experience remarkable precision and clarity with Durston’s high-performance binocular microscope, meticulously designed for Jewellers, Watchmakers, Setters and Engravers. This microscope showcases high-resolution binocular optics, featuring a special multi-coating technology, this lens coating regulates light refraction, providing crisp, flat and clear images with extraordinary detail. The variable LED lighting allows you to adjust the illumination intensity to suit your requirements and achieve optimal visibility.

The 45x zoom magnification range ensures you can examine even the smallest details with ease. Combined with a flexible articulating arm, this microscope offers maximum versatility and adaptability, enabling you to work comfortably at various angles and distances while maintaining stability and precision. The kit includes an additional .5 lens to give even more room up to 15cm for tasks that need a little extra space.

Durston’s Binocular Microscope is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable viewing experience during extended periods of use. The durable construction guarantees that this microscope will withstand the rigours of daily use, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.

For the complete setup, take a look at the Durston Setters Bench, designed to accommodate the Durston Microscope perfectly, creating the ultimate workstation for any Jeweller, Watchmaker, Setter or Engraver, whether professional or beginner.